Digital Green Nepal

Digital Green Nepal “DG Nepal” is a non-profit organization of a multidisciplinary team of specialists with decades of expertise in a variety of fields dedicated to environmental conservation and the promotion of agriculture,  forestry, tourism, water and energy, education, and enterprises.

Strategically, the organization has the plan to work in collaboration and coordination with different levels of government and non-government organizations to achieve the goal of the organization.
Furthermore, we employ green technology alien with modern science and technology considering social and environmental to safeguard to reduce the negative environmental impact of human activity.

Likewise, we are promoting communication skills and technologies including social  networking, content management, and data analytics. Common people to experts can take l benefit from the application of digital technology.

DG- Nepal follows gender equity, social inclusion, and human rights-based approaches. It also provides policy feedback to government and non-government sectors. In addition, it works on capacity-building in both the development and IT sectors.

Vision, mission and values

The main goals of DG Nepal are to improve the welfare of the Nepalese people

How we work

Agriculture is the most crucial sector in emerging countries, employing the vast..

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Our team is skilled at developing innovative partnerships

Our Team

Our team is skilled at developing innovative partnerships


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Our polices outline our commitment to operating at the highest ethical standards.

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