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About Digital
Green Nepal

Digital Green Nepal “DG Nepal” is a non-profit organization of a multidisciplinary team of specialists with decades of expertise in a variety of fields dedicated to environmental conservation and the promotion of agriculture, forestry, tourism, water and energy, education, and enterprises.

Why DG Nepal

The organization is working with collaborating with multilevel stakeholders and experts in agriculture, forest, environment, tourism, water, energy, health, education


The main goals of DG Nepal are to improve the welfare of the Nepalese people by fostering environmental protection and sustainable agricultural development.

Strategic Objectives

Raising awareness about environmental issues and the impact of human activities on the natural environment for local communities, Indigenous Peoples, women, and marginalized and disadvantaged groups, among others.

Thematic Areas

DG Nepal has identified Nine thematic areas namely, Information Technology, Environment and Health, Forest, Agriculture, Tourism, Water and Energy, Education, Enterprise and Study, Research, and Counseling.

ICT Area

ICT applications in agriculture include precision farming, which uses sensors and mapping technology…

Environmental Health

We have conducted the following activities for environmental health by using green technologies like big data, Internet use…


The following are some crucial stages toward forestry conservation that may be easily carried….


Agro-tourism combines tourism and agriculture in a beneficial way. The main goal of agro-tourism is to combine….

Water and Energy

DG Nepal has also made an effort to save water and energy resources by working in the fields listed below with the use…


DG Nepal provides education and Training (Related to Computer, Digital, Cyber Security, and Information Technology)…

Digital Green Nepal Working Area

Message from

I am Upendra Raj Kuikel, Chairman of one non-governmental organization named Digital Green Nepal. This organization has been doing work in various fields, especially working in the Digital and Green Fields. Since the age of 21 years, I have been the Facilitator/coordinator of various programs and projects directing the NNDSWO-SEED Tree Programme, UNDP/Park people project, ANSAB-BDS MAPS, Winrock International-EIG, ECARDS-MSFEP, IDE Nepal-ICCRIO/ANUKULAN in various programs and projects for society and the country.

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